Christmas will not be like it used to be

Christmas is likely to be rather different in a Covid world. Even though restrictions have lifted, many people still have very different behaviours than they did before Coronavirus. A recent Accenture report shows that many customers are still choosing to stay at home.

If you want people to visit you in person this year, it is vital that you make people feel safe. Here are some ideas to encourage footfall:

Say how you are keeping people safe

Many of your customers want to know what you are doing and to understand your policies. Make sure you have clear posters and signs explaining this. Naturally, you also need to implement everything at your premises.

However, signage at your premises is not enough. You need to tell people about this before they leave home. One of the most effective ways to do this is a leaflet campaign: people are more likely to take notice of a leaflet than an e-mail. It is also a good opportunity to tell people about your Christmas promotions.

Keep your social distancing signage

Encourage people to stay at a safe distance. Remind them that mask wearing is still strongly encouraged indoors. You may need to refresh your signage to reflect the latest government recommendations. In any case, tired and tatty signage does not encourage spending.

Create fresh Christmas branding

Think about how you will promote Christmas this year. You may want to include safety as part of your message. You should also think about how you will integrate your Christmas and safety messaging so that both are prominent. Your policy posters could be Christmas branded, as could your social distancing signage.

Do you need help planning your Christmas signage?

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