If you want to profit from Christmas, it’s time to act!

In our last e-mail, we explained why you should already be planning for Christmas. We’re here to help you take the right steps to making sure you have a profitable run up to Christmas.

Here are three things you should be doing right now.

  1. Create a Christmas marketing plan

Making a marketing plan can be simple. Create a weekly planner and add a topic to each week: what are you going to tell your prospects and customers about? Remember to add in any special events or Christmas promotions. Then create relevant e-mails, social media posts, leaflets and direct mail.

Delegate some of this marketing now. And consider pre-loading and scheduling your social media and e-mails. This means that your marketing campaign can happen in the background when you are busy.

  • Start sending Christmas communications to customers

It’s time to start warning your customers that they should also be thinking about Christmas. In fact, you could always adapt the last e-mail we sent you!

You should also make sure you have plenty of posters, signage and leaflets that are changed regularly over the Christmas period.

If you need some help, look out for our next e-mail to you where we will give you more ideas on how print can help you.

  • Hold a Christmas event

Now we can get together again, it’s time to think about have a pre-Christmas event. This is a great chance to promote your services and products for the Christmas period. Think about the right time of day for your customers and where you will hold it.

Promotion is key for an event like this. Consider a leaflet door drop or sending a postcard to your best customers. If you have retail space, be sure to advertise it with plenty of posters.

We have plenty of ideas to make your Christmas promotions highly effective

So pick up the phone, send us an e-mail.

We’d love to make sure that you have the best Christmas ever!