So its that time, where your thinking of replacing that old looking business card with something modern, up to date, and in with the trends.. you’ve just put together a new offer, and your ready to tell the world about it, so your ordering some new leaflets.. your new product range is now out, and your wanting to add this to your brochure.. we offer a range of print finishing options in Cheshire!

But how can you make sure this stands out from your competition?

Its very simple. Print finishing can give your print some of the most amazing effects, the sort of effects that your customers will see, and say, wow, I need to order some of these.

The answer is print finishing. There are many types of print finishing techniques and you can stand out.

So what actually are the finishing options available?

  1. Spot UV – This finish will enable you to have a shiny coating on specific parts of your design, making them stand out. This gives a luxury eye catching contrast, making it perfect for your business cards, or the front page of your brochure.
  2. Embossing – If anything will make your print material stand out, this is it, literally! Embossing is a technique used to create a raised pattern using specific parts of your artwork.
  3. Foiling – Gold, Silver, Bronze.. These are just a small selection of the foiling options available. Not only does it add extra thickness to your products, it makes the main parts of your artwork shimmer, and stand out!

There are so many different to get the best out of your printed marketing, and the huge range of print finishing options in Cheshire are just a start!

Looking for more information on our finishing options? We offer printing in Cheshire, and offer free delivery on all products all over the UK.

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