Advent calendars make the perfect gift at Christmas

If you want to get your message seen by customers every day for a month, you should send them an advent calendar. It is something that many people interact with every day. And, if you send them an advent calendar filled with chocolate, they’ll be thanking you every day as well!

Remember you can personalise an advent calendar with your own marketing message. People will see it every time they open a door for a chocolate.

Advent calendars require planning

To make sure your advent calendar is a success you should remember the following points:

  • An advent calendar has to be received on time. It doesn’t look good if it turns up after 1st December!
  • You should allow plenty of time to send them out to recipients as the post is becoming busy at the end of November
  • Advent calendars take a couple of weeks to produce

To make sure your advent calendars are received in good time, it’s important to order them no later than make sure you order them no later than early November.

There’s a special reward for customers who plan early

Order your Advent calendar in September and receive 10% off using code ADVENT10 (Limited use!)

Check out more about our advent calendars here

We are here to help you with more than just advent calendars

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