For restaurants that don’t usually offer a takeaway option, adapting can be huge. You’ve got the issue of finding delivery drivers, making sure you, your employees and customer’s are safe, and making sure your customers know your offering this option.

We’re on a mission to help restaurants!

To offer a home delivery service, you need to think about a number of things. Sending leaflets out to the local community, and maybe even a menu. Consider offering money off vouchers, or maybe even a loyalty card!

Consider advertising with posters or temporary signage to guide people who are collecting to the right place, and to enable them to keep to the social distancing rules, another thing you’ll need to plan for, so you don’t have crazy queues of people not knowing where to stand!

We can help with this, with our range of floor and wall stickers.

At the end of this, when we return to the normal, or should we say, the new normal, you just may have found yourself a new source of revenue from your business, and might look to offer takeaways and home delivery permanently.

The takeaway trade has grown over 73% in recent years, with people opting to eat your delicious food in the comfort of their own home.