Christmas should be a very profitable time for e-commerce companies

Naturally, you be aiming to win a lot of orders at this time. However, the best e-commerce companies do far more than aim for lots of transactions. They aim to make each transaction as profitable as possible.

This is done through a process called upselling. You want your customer to buy more than just the item that they were intending to buy. Here are a couple of examples of easy Christmas upsells.

Add gift boxes as an upsell

Presenting an item in a beautiful, branded box creates a big uplift in the perceived value of the gift. So it is always a good idea to offer a gift box upsell, whatever the time of year.

If you know you are on track to make a lot of Christmas sales, we can help you create a Christmas themed box. Alternatively, create a neutral theme that is suitable for sales all through the year. We help you make sure that you choose the right size(s) of box for your products.

Wrap customers’ gifts

Take the pain out of buying a gift for someone. Make sure you offer Christmas wrapping paper and gift tags and wrap the present on their behalf. You can even provide them with a Christmas card if they wish.

So that’s Christmas sorted, but what are you going to do to reduce the inevitable dip in January trade?

Create a January offer

Consider adding a flyer or, better still, a Christmas card to every order. This will contain a special offer for any customer that spends a minimum amount in January. Spread the word now and be first in line for your customers’ January spend.

Creating a flyer or a card like this costs a lot less than you might think. A printed item tends to be kept a lot longer than an e-mail. And you have no distribution costs as they are going in out with orders that customers have paid for.

Let us help you make your Christmas more profitable

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